Make the 2nd half of your life the BEST half of your Life! 

You know how many women look in the mirror as they age and wonder….. Who is that looking back at me? I did too, but then, life shifted and became so vibrant! Today,  I am a Wellness  Coach with Young Living Essential Oils, and I offer free consults to women interested in building more health, vitality and meaning into their lives! I believe true beauty comes from the inside, and then shines out for all to see! Are you ready to rediscover your uniqueness, energy, radiance and feel confident in who you are created to be? 

 Ready to Feel your Best?
 Ready to Look your Best?
 Ready to Live your Best?

Life was going well until... 

Life was going well until pain began to multiply in my body, and from 27-45 years of age I struggled with fibromyalgia.  I persevered through pain and fatigue raising my family and building a nursing career. 

Then, with Young Living EO,  I found ways to manage the pain, instead of the pain managing me, and I  focused on: 

  • A lifestyle which could ebb and flow
  • Building habits of daily, interesting, moderate exercise
  • Creating healthy meals & taking safe supplements
  • plus I developed a nurturing/realistic mindset

As I felt better...
 I was able to set goals and accomplish them, this grew my confidence and contribution as I grew in maturity. I was then able to not only cope, but THRIVE. 

Now, I enjoy family, friends, philanthropy and create meaningful memories! Highlights have been- mission trips to Northern Labrador, Uganda & El Salvador, as well as hiking the Grand Canyon!
Your story and goals will be different from mine, yet I desire to support women just like you to realize our experience, maturity and gifts are the fuel to take us into the years ahead. With vibrant health, mindset  mastery and an inner God given radiance, we can ALL create meaningful memories during these important years of our life! 

I look forward to walking part of our journey together! 
Hugs and a smile,
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What is your WHY?

I began Young Living because, it was important to me to have a second stream of income to take single moms and my leaders, on mission trips around the world. 

I am curious,  are you interested in making meaningful moments and leaving a legacy?

Join me & journey  to find your meaningful moments

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