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I help women , supporting them to embrace their own beauty, add personal self care to their days …

* realize their unique gifts and create meaning. 

* Be radiant throughout life and as they retire, feel their best, look their best and live their best! 

I invite you to come on a journey of discovery with me, by clicking the connect buttons on my pages to learn more! 

It's time to be healthy and happy, enjoying your children, grandchildren, friends, 
and choices now and through Retirement!

 Let's Create Meaningful Moments!

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14 Days of Self Love

Get this free printable guide to walk you through 14 days and 14 ways to show kindness to yourself, to rest and rejuvenate.

Secrets to Glowing Skin

Learn tips for new daily habits, a delightful recipe &  how you can have healthy, hydrated, radiant skin

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“Working with Carolyn has given me new energy, 
new hope and new experiences that have enriched my life and living! Carolyn has skills and a human touch that make this process part of my Life style. ”

- Deanna

Check Out What Past Clients are Saying...

I have Purpose, plans , projects and people in my life I never dreamed I would have. Working with Carolyn in Young Living has given me a passion I wouldn’t trade for anything.     

The  camaraderie and friendship I have found in this community has lifted my spirits when life was tough. I am very grateful for our team.   

“I love the bloom moisturizer and brightening toner. It feels very light and refreshing on my skin and was perfect for both day and night use, especially because I am a sun loving girl. The scent and packaging are beautiful as well!”    

Here Are a Few of My Favorite Things...

Radiant Skin Care Bundle

Vibrant Energy Bundle

My Home Oasis Bundle

For My Favourite Littles Bundle

Savvy Minerals Bundle

Relax, Renew & Refresh Bundle

The Essential Oil Education Community

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